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There is a huge potential to earn a decent profit trading shares when you know how the share-price progress. You may even wonder how all those successful hedge fund managers make a lot of money trading the stock market. The answer is, following the volum is more important as all the markets move by supply and demand. We are 100% confident that this site helps you take you to the right path to earn money by trading shares.

ManoStick - The Visual Revolution of Data Visualization.

Charts are the only place you can look at the stocks past performance, by looking at its footprints, you can predict the future trend. However, the second generation chart types such as Bar and CandleStick are prone to errors and not up to the need of 21st century. ManoStick combines price data with the traded volume so that you can track the supply & demand to make profitable trades. Click this link to read about Mano Stick - the advanced charting concept for stock market analysis.

The ManoStick : An Ariel View of the Stock Market
ISBN: 978-0956395603
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